Webinar Fun

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

At my job I am very lucky to get to work with so many interesting people. I work on designs, breaches, and pushing products to their limits on a daily basis. This is very fun but there is a drawback. Being that I work primarily with security designs I often can’t share the details of my work. Even a bit of architectural knowledge about my customers could give an attacker the edge. While I can’t talk about the details and who it was for I often do get a chance to speak out on my work in a generic fashion. There are a few ways I get to do this. Most of my work stays hidden inside of my company but occasionally I get to do work outside and share my thoughts. One of my favorite ways to do this is via a webinar. Its a short one hour (or less) to review a particular topic of interest and takes some questions and answers.

Next Tuesday I will be giving another webinar. This one will is of particular interest to me as it will cover a hot industry topic, application security. Application security in the sense of how we came to focus on applications and where security will go to next. I love it because it talks a bit more toward some future ideas of security rather than just covering the products. While I love the products I think people can get a good marketing pitch anywhere. I rather talk about those deeply burning technical ideas that lead people to think. In a world where we are surrounded by advertisements its nice to get some substance.

As I said my next webinar will be on Tuesday February 21st at 9am PST. If you would like to join click on the link below to register. I will be doing a Twitter Q&A as well after the event. I will give everyone 24 hours to tweet me at @junipernetworks, @junipersecurity, or @robwcam with the hash tag #jnprq (Juniper Question) and I will write a blog giving all my answers by the end of the week. I look forward to hearing from you after the webinar. My good college and friend Bill Pfeifer (@webguppy) will also be joining me to talk security.

Webinar Registration


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